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2012 - In the Absence of Jagannatha

2012 - In the Absence of Jagannatha

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The Ansara Paintings replacing the Jagannatha Icon in Puri and South Orissa (India)

This “micro art history study” documents anasari pati paintings, which temporarily replaced the wooden icons of Lord Jagannatha in Puri and South Orissa. The second part of the book documents two different iconographies of the Jagannatha triad.

Authors: Eberhard Fischer, Dinanath Pathy
Artibus Asiae Publishers (Supplementum 49) & Niyogi Books
1st edition, 2012
Hardcover, 116 pages, 166 color and b/w illustrations
24 x 30,5 cm
ISBN 978-93-81253-34-6

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